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Together In Ostoda

There was a much different atmosphere waking up this morning. We woke with excitement and enthusiasm for our first full day with our guest. The camp has had a hole new energy with our visitors finally arriving last night.

We shared breakfast and prepared for our trip to Ostroda. After breakfast we had a short session and were able to hear from our guest. They shared a few things about themselves. Our guest joined us on the bus and accompanied us to a morning of shopping and exploring.

We visited the castle in town and made a trip to the mall. When we returned to camp we enjoyed lunch together and a short rest. After our rest we taught our new friends a craft. We are so grateful for everyone who helped supply our craft supplies. Our guest truly enjoyed their craft time. We made picture frames from pop sickle sticks and different decorations. We were able to bring a Polaroid camera so that our guest could take a photo of their own and use it in their frame. They were over the moon excited with their pictures and new frames. We were able to have conversations and share some jokes. Many of our guest were very creative with their projects!

After supper we had another short session. Us Americans were able to introduce ourselves and share a few things about ourselves. It was great being able to tell all of them about ourselves. Our guest this year have truly welcomed us with open arms. I could not ask for a better group on my first trip.

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