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What a Beautiful Morning

What a day. The fresh clean air and the cuku birds aglow with song, God’s glory revealed to me yet again. All the people here are just wonderful. We were allowed and welcomed to participate in a very touching Polish worship service. From partaking in the Lord’s Supper to a baptism in the lake in which a gentleman’s wife unexpectedly decided to also be baptized, it was truly refreshing in a deeply spiritual sense. After a spectacular lunch it was off to the city. We attained a huge cone of the long-waited Polish ice cream (well worth the wait), we then proceeded to the shore of Swan Lake. There were people enjoying a glorious Sunday afternoon in the park. The cool breeze and sound of children laughing was welcomed fodder for the soul. Being a history buff the charm and architectural of downtown Ostroda was breathtaking. It is blatantly obvious that our God is and has been diligently at work in this beautiful camp and in these beautiful people. I praise the mighty God who created this place and people and surrender all that I am to His service and His fellow servants. ~~Kirby

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