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2019 Ostroda Olympics

Today we started the day with another great devotion. Afterwards, we ate breakfast and had fellowship with our friends from Israel. After breakfast the Savannah team began preparing for the olympics. While our friends from Israel were in their morning sessions we set up multiple games for them to play.

The session ended and we split the camp into four teams. Throughout the morning we enjoyed time with our new friends while competing in the different games. Olympic Day is always a big hit here in ostroda. A little competition helps build relationships throughout the teams. Splitting the teams helped our friends get away from their comfort zones and speak with different people. When the olympics ended we headed to lunch.

After lunch we took a short break then had a craft and spa session. During our craft we made bookmarks. The spa day is a huge hit here in ostroda. It’s always nice showering our new friends with love and friendliness.

Afterwards, we had dinner then an aftkernoon session. During the afternoon session we had an awards ceremony for our Olympic Games. 4th place was the orange team. 3rd the green team. In 2nd the blue team. In 1st place the yellow team! We then had a message and had some more time for rest and fellowship.

I just wanted to add, the atmosphere around camp is amazing. Smiles everywhere. People laughing and having great times. God is working here in Ostroda, Poland and I’m blessed to see it unfolding in front of me.

— Sarah

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