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Sharing Christ In A Place Of Memories

It is the end of the day as this message is written. Most of us are on the top floor of the main building listening to our guests shout into their phones. Very amusing . After a rainy start we arrived at the Stutthof concentration camp. This is the site where 490,000 people were killed toward the end of WWII.

We watched a 25 minute video with actual footage of the camp in action as well as a trail of 15 people who worked at the facility. Our group travelled under a large Israeli flag. As you can understand, there was a wide range of emotions within all of us. As we moved through the grounds, school groups past in a respectable manner and others cleared a path through the exhibits. We circled around a metal Star Of David that was next to the crematorium and the Survivors sang the most soulful songs as our team tried to hold back tears. We showed Christian love and it occurred to me that they were living history walking through a museum of their past.

Later while posing for a group picture, the atmosphere became one of joy and peace.

We then travelled to a smaller version of Tybee Beach located on the Baltic Sea. More gifts purchased, ice cream and coffee served, and another beautiful Polish place to explore.

The evening service include wonderful music sung in three languages followed by a powerful message. It may take this team a week or two before we can openly discuss with you what Kazik delivered in “Where was God”, the question so often asked by the Survivors. Several men met with pastors after the service. The majority of us went upstairs to try to figure out a card game played by three men.

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