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Savannah Day In Ostroda

What an exciting day. Beautiful weather and such a wonderful experience to be with our new friends. All of us from Savannah had the opportunity to share photos of our families and pets with our guests from Israel. We were also given the opportunity to share scripture and the love of our precious Jesus. It is so inspiring to see how this group is so receiving of our love for them.

Later in the day we were able to prepare for them a good old south Georgia BBQ: Grilled Chicken, potato salad, and slaw. Each survivor said it was their best BBQ ever; even though it was their only one. In the evening service Matt shared with them the foreshadowing of the coming Messiah through pictures of the paintings used on Good Friday last year.

The increasing love and fellowship is truly amazing. Monday we go to Stutthof Concentration Camp. Pray that the terrible memories of the past will be replaced with ones of love that we share with them through our Savior, Jesus.

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