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They Are Here!

Today was a busy day as the day went on. The women cleaned the chapel and setup the conference room. The men finished the tent and hung the banner. We made welcome cards with candy on them to place on the pillows in the Holocaust survivors rooms.

The Holocaust survivors arrived today! We greeted them and helped them to there rooms. Then we had a wonderful meal of fresh vegetable soup, turkey sandwiches, and fresh sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. We met in the chapel for a brief review of what our day would be like tomorrow. After that we had music and danced with the Holocaust survivors. Laughing, singing, and dancing had a wonderful time. Once the meeting closed we spent time meeting and sharing about ourselves with the Holocaust survivors.

I would say today was a success as Sarah and I were invite to stay in an apartment in Israel if we visit and we look forward to tomorrow. Psalms 128:1 Blessed are all who fear the Lord who walk in obedience with him.

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