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There was a fire at our church early in the morning on November 17th.  The fire doesn't seem to have been intentional.  We will know more once the fire and insurance investigators have had an opportunity to conduct their investigation.  There is extensive fire and smoke damage to the interior of the church.   The fire seems to have been contained to the worship center.  The smoke was throughout the church.  Most everything in the worship center has been damaged or destoryed, the temperature got extremely high in that room.


Please understand that the church's building was damaged, not the church.  The church is alive and well, God is doing great things through this congregation;  I expect God to continue to do great things through our church.  God is able to bring growth from destruction, light from darkness, and he gives us peace in life's trials.  Please, pray for wisdom, discernment, and peace.  God is our rock and our refuge a very present help in times of trouble.  He will prove himself mighty through this circumstance.

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